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coat of arms of Zhabinka, Belarus

Zhabinka is a town, 30 km east of Brest, Belarus. It is the administrative center of 1 of the 16 districts in Brest Region. Its population is 12,900.
The name was first mentioned in Russian official papers in 1817. In 1882 a railway station was built here on the important transcontinental railway line, connected Warsaw, Brest and Moscow. It gave a powerful impetus to the development of the place. Within 2 decades it turned from a village into a town, attracting people of commerce, after the station boosted the economic development of the place.
In 2007 the town marked the 190th anniversary of its first official record and 125th anniversary of the railway station. For 125 years the town has been sprawling along the road from the railway station southwards to the highway Brest-Moscow, that is the major transcontinental traffic artery E30 today. After WW2 a big sugar refinery was built north of the railway line. A big settlement appeared around it.
Today Kirov Street starts from the railway station, running across the town center with a big square and a park, further on southwards to the highway.
The town lies on the Mukhavets River at the confluence of the tiny Zhabinka River, that is rather a creek. There is the biggest in the district water reservoir Vizzhar (25 ha) in the northern part of the town.

The town occupies 9.11 sq. km.