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Kirov Street

The street in Zhabinka is named after a Soviet prominent communist Kirov who was assassinated in 1934.

Zhabinka Kirov Street

The administration house of the district

The War Memorial in Zhabinka

The War Memorial pays tribute to the Soviet soldiers who liberated the town in July 1944.
These two landmarks above are at the northern end of the street by the bridge passing over the railroad.

Zhabinka House of Culture
Zhabinka House of Culture

The House of Culture is the biggest building in the Square.
Its views before the reconstruction...

Zhabinka House of Culture

...and after the reconstruction in 2007.

Zhabinka Park Zhabinka Park

The central alley leading from the House of Culture to the stadium

Zhabinka Stadium

Zhabinka football pitch in the Park

The stadium has a big football pitch.

Zhabinka Park

the pond by the park

Zhabinka War Memorial

War Memorial

Zhabinka School No. 1

School No. 1

Zhabinka Hospital

The hospital is at the southern end of the street.