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Sights of Stolin

Sights of Stolin Road to Pinsk

a short stretch of Pinsk - Stolin road paved with flag-stones of "trylinka", dating to the 1930s.

Sights of Stolin, administration building Stolin center Sights of Stolin, Lenin Str.

The District Administration Building at the intersection of Sovietskaya Str. and Lenin Str.

Sights of Stolin

Sovietskaya Str.viewing east
the post-office (left)
School No 1 (right).

Stolin center

Sovietskaya Str.viewing west.
The Town park is left.

Sights of Stolin park Stolin Town park Sights of Stolin War Memorial

The Town Park with the War memorial.

Lenin str. in Stolin

Sights of Stolin fountain Sights of Stolin fountain

The fountain is where Lenin Str. meets Sovietskaya Str.

Sights of Stolin Lenin Str. Sights of Stolin former hotel

The former town hotel in Lenin Street, that is a pedestrian street today.

Goryn Hotel in Stolin

There is a new hotel opposite the old one.
That is Goryn Hotel.

Sights of Stolin bank

Belarusbank branch is next to Goryn Hotel.

Sights of Stolin department store

The Department Store was built in the Soviet period.